Market research

Australian Markets

Virtually the entire spectrum of agribusiness including aquiculture and livestock production provides a market for the DIFS product range. The products can easily be distributed throughout Australia using standard freight infrastructure.

Export Markets

The same need for the DIFS products exists globally and can be exported from the Townsville shipping facility. The low Australian dollar and high quality product provides extremely favourable conditions for export, especially to our near neighbours.

It is also conceivable that an export market to China will open up as demand for the products increases and it is met by limited production capacity in China.

Both DCP (Dicalcium Phosphate) and MCP (Monocalcium Phosphate) contain two vital elements for farmed animals' health - Phosphorous and Calcium. Phosphate is an inorganic anion (negatively charged ion) of phosphoric acid.

Primary Products


Phosphorus is a mineral crucial for farmed animals' fertility and bone development and is one of the most important in an animal feed formula. It plays a key metabolic role in the development and maintenance of skeletal tissue, the transport of fatty acids and amino acid exchange and it is crucial for appetite control, fertility and digestion.

Without an adequate supply of phosphorus, livestock health will suffer from the deleterious effects of phosphorus deficiency, the consequences of which will degrade the growth performance, survival rate, production yield and in turn the economic performance of the livestock industry.

It is an essential supplement for poultry, swine, ruminants, equine breeding and aquaculture fisheries to fulfil the phosphorus demand for normal growth.


Calcium is a major structural component of bones and teeth therfore an obligatory dietary animal feed additive.


The two main marketable by-products from the production of DCP and MCP are Gypsum and Fertilizer Cake.


Referred to as a universal soil amendment and the farmer's friend, it provides the following benefits to soil:

  • Remedy for high sodium (Na) content soil
  • A source of readily plant-available calcium
  • A source of readily plant-available SO4-S
  • Increases the pH of highly acidic subsoil
  • Reduces Al toxicity of highly acidic subsoil
  • Lessening the severity of soil surface crusting
  • Can reduce ammonia volatilization from urea and UAN fertilizers
  • Remedy for compacted soil caused by mechanical compaction of clay-based soils

Fertilizer Cake

Marketable to agricultural farmers as it has a reasonable percentage of P2O5 (16%), which makes it suitable for cotton, wheat and other grain farmers.

Single Super Phosphate (SSP)

By combining the two byproducts of Fertilizer Cake and Gypsum, SSP can be produced. A separate production line can be implemented if market demands and commercial viability make it desirable to implement the additional production line.