DIFS Investor Opportunity

Viability – Why build a DCP/MCP Plant in Australia?

DCP is an essential stock feed additive within the livestock sector. It CANNOT be substituted with any other product and can only be produced through the reaction of Phosphate Rock and Sulphuric Acid. Continuous Australian population growth is a key factor for the projected high demand for DCP/MCP and the By-products.

There is no production facility existing in Australia meaning zero local competition. This factor gives DIFS a huge advantage and will help assure the long term viability and profitability of the plant. The existing Australian market for the product is supplied by imports from China and Europe. The DIFS plant will turn Australia from an importer of product into an exporter while providing highly competitive prices and quality products to the Australian market.

The infrastructure, technology and all required resources are readily available within Australia. We possess one of the highest quality Phosphate Rock resources in the world and most importantly, all this exists in an ultra-stable geopolitical landscape.

Unconstrained world population growth, along with the inevitable shrinkage of arable land available for food production, means the necessity for high-yield farming practices can only increase and then so does the demand for the DIFS product range.

An Australian plant provides a win-win situation for investors, farmers, local, state and federal revenues and most importantly, increased employment prospects for Australians.

Estimated Overall Project Cost

Stage 1 : AUD 55 million. Includes land, building structures, equipment and machinery.
Start up: AUD 5 million. Includes raw materials and contingencies.

Stage 2: AUD 95 million – output and sales ramp up.

Stage 3: AUD 130 million – set up for full production capacity catering for export markets.

Stage 1 Cost Inclusions

  • Land purchase
  • Plant design and building engineering
  • Excavation, fencing and retaining walls
  • Roads
  • Plant construction
  • Utility connection and implementation
  • Specialised production equipment supply and installation

Project Status

Industrial Land Secured
Plant design and building engineering Completed
Environmental Approvals Application / Impact Study Completed and Approved
Queensland Government Statutory Requirements Completed and Approved
Local Council DA Approved
QLD Rail/Corridor Agreement Pending – to be finalised March 2016